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Used Calico Cottage Fudge Kettle For Sale

For sale is a used Calico Cottage Fudge Kettle and many accessories (Fudge Pans, Fudge Knife, Measuring Cups, Packaging, etc) to get you started in your own fudge business. We used this machine in our store for approximately 6-8 months. It was a great seller for us and the machine was very flexible in making many different types of fudge. Everything works as new on the machine and nothing is wrong with it.

used calico cottage fudge kettle for sale


Nautilus is distinguished by large houses with large lawns and by an astounding quantity of garages and lofty church spires. The fat fields run up to the edge of the city, and the scattered factories, the innumerable railroad sidetracks, and the scraggly cottages for workmen are almost amid the corn. Nautilus manufactures steel windmills, agricultural implements, including the celebrated Daisy Manure Spreader, and such corn-products as Maize Mealies, the renowned breakfast-food. It makes brick, it sells groceries wholesale, and it is the headquarters of the Cornbelt Cooperative Insurance Company. 350c69d7ab


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