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AFT Impulse 4.0 (Portable)l

Thereare Noescape podsconnected to the bridge. Pods are located on all decks below Deck 2.Each podcan support two people for 72 hours in space, and has a maximum speedof halfimpulse. Two pods are reserved for the top four officers in the chainof commandon the ship because they are the last four to leave the ship. These arelocatedon Deck 2. As the number of experienced Captains dwindles in Starfleet,thenotion of a Captain going down with his ship has been abolished. If theship isabandoned, the top four officers in the chain of command will waituntileveryone else is off the ship, opt to arm the auto-Destruct (not alwaysnecessary, but there if needed), and then leave in the two escape pods.

AFT Impulse 4.0 (Portable)l

PhaserArray Output:Each phaser array takes its energy directly from the impulse drive andauxiliaryfusion generators. Individually, each Type-IX emitter can onlydischargeapproximately 6.0 MW (megawatts). However, several emitters (usuallytwo) fireat once in the array during standard firing procedures, resulting in adischargeapproximately 12 MW.

Output:Thereare 11shield grids on the Nova Class and each onegenerates 145.5 MW, resultingin total shield strength of 1,595 MW. The power for the shields istakendirectly from the warp engines and impulse fusion generators. Ifdesired, theshields can be augmented by power from the impulse power plants. Theshields canprotect against approximately 42% of the total EM spectrum (whereas aGalaxyClass Starship's shields can only protect against about 23%), madepossible bythe multi-phase graviton polarity flux technology incorporated into theshields.

Type:Outfitted with a single T2-16 fusion powered impulse engine, the NovaClasscarries more than enough thrust to maneuver at her fully laden weight.Built byTallier Propulsion, the T2-16 is lauded for its reliability underextended use,as well as its fuel efficiency.

Type: Medium short-range sublight shuttle. Accommodation: Two; pilot andsystem manager. Power Plant: Two 750millicochrane impulse driver engines, four RCSthrusters, four sarium krellide storage cells. Dimensions: Length, 4.8 m;beam, 2.4 m; height 1.6 m. Mass: 1.25 metric tones. Performance: Maximum delta-v,12,250 m/sec. Armament: Two Type-IV phaseremitters.

NovaClassvessels are capable of atmospheric entry and egress with equipmentworked intothe physical design of the starship. Each Nova Classvessel is equippedwith anti-gravity generators as well as impulse and RCS liftersstrategicallyplaced at the mass and stress points on the bottom portion of theengineeringsection.

Itisstandard procedureto lower the landing gear at approximately 2500m above the Landing Zone(LZ)surface, regardless of LZ altitude. This minimizes the drag on thevessel. Onceprepared for landing, Aft impulse engines are shut down and four ventson theventral hull are opened.

Theseventscover theventral impulse thrust plates. Impulse engines in miniature, the thrustplatesserve only to provide lift to the Nova Class asthe anti-gravitygenerators effectively reduce its weight. The RCS thrusters providefinalmaneuvering power.

Airbreathing jet engines are gas turbines optimized to produce thrust from the exhaust gases, or from ducted fans connected to the gas turbines.[37] Jet engines that produce thrust from the direct impulse of exhaust gases are often called turbojets, whereas those that generate thrust with the addition of a ducted fan are often called turbofans or (rarely) fan-jets. A custom-built metallic tank does not need to undergo the fire resistance test, shock test, pressure-impulse test and slosh test. However, it shall comply with the pressure test as per ABYC H-24, ABYC H-33, or an equivalent standard for mechanical strength and leakage. 350c69d7ab


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