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10 Days AgoThe Best Overlays For Crystal Pvp ...

To say that I'm uncomfortable with a third party program which 'overlays" WoW is an understatement. Given Blizzard's stance on such things and the fact that, even if this one is legit, "don't download Addon's as EXE files" is pretty much a mantra to protect the naive from being hacked, is it really a wise move for WoWHead to encourage this?Have you guys confirmed with Blizz that this will not have any chance of false flagging people?Well you CAN check it first with any number of programs like a basic Virus scanner. That should at least reassure you.And this whole thing with Blizz's obvious play at driving away their player base, well, all I can say is that it is working. I wonder what their numbers look like now. We will find out soon, I am sure. It reminds me so much of what happened with EQ so many years ago. The staff and leadership got so arrogant that it literally drove people away and the game really started dying at that point. "Your in OUR World now" Sound familar? I was reading the WoW forums a bit ago and it had a great post talking about all the financial happenings within Activision and Blizzard and quotes from the guy who heads it, talking about profits. It is probably one of the best explainations I have seen yet, since the Stockton interview was aired. And again, it reminds me of EQ and SWTOR and Lotro. Money becomes the issue and to hell with the game. And I have learned that rather than get all worked up about it, either take a break and see what happens or vote with your wallet. In this case I choose to vote with my wallet. Life is too short for me to worry about a stupid game run by egotistic @#$%^&*s, on to the next thing.

10 days agoThe Best Overlays For Crystal Pvp | ...



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