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War Games Android: The Ultimate Guide to Naval Combat and Strategy

PC isn't the only place to find good war games. Plenty of the best mobile war games are gems hidden in plain sight, adapting both the conflicts of the ancient world, of military history, and modern warfare. War gaming is very much alive and kicking, and that can be seen in any of the games in this list.

Equipped with the latest in swamp-draining technology, we've been able to bring together a crack squad of some of the best mobile war games currently available on Android and iOS. If you're looking to upgrade your on-the-go experience, check out our best portable gaming consoles guide for all the latest and greatest.

war games android

There are tons of great strategy war games on mobile, and Supremacy 1914 is among the best. In it, you have a selection of playable nations to choose from, and then you get to choose the path that that country makes as the First World War unfolds. Always thought a certain country should have made different decisions? Well, this is your chance to see how they might have turned out.

There are a tonne of Civil War battle games on various storefronts and most of them are a complete waste of time from a war gaming perspective. However, the JTS Civil War Battles series does provide a tactically solid game with a strong order of battle, backed-up with good combat mechanics.

Are you looking for the best war games for Android? If yes, then this article is for you. Google Play store is overflowing with lists of addictive gaming applications that you cannot ignore at all. Undoubtedly, games have a more significant impact on our lives and especially on our moods. When it comes to war games, who does not want to get along? Well, we all do. Therefore, game developers brought the combat zone right to mobile devices.

March of Empires: War of Lords is a preferred game of many in this space. This android war game is a masterpiece by Gameloft. The developers set the game in the age of the medieval period, where you are out to slay the enemies and conquer the kingdom.

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Army Men Strike: Military Strategy Simulator is a fantastic game. This android war game allows its players to build the army clan with the most efficient army force. The developers designed the simulator war game with the best soundtrack and high definitive graphics.

The game takes its cues to form Saving Private Ryan, as the game portrays the sheer brutality of the war. The games offer its players some unique features, such as highly authentic-looking presentation, boasts of frantic, well-designed strategic and tactical combat. The gameplay is all about frontline action and forces the players to explore the map quickly.

Our list includes the 25 best war games for Android that you can enjoy. We hope that you went through the article and made your choices to try one of these. Get ready to enter the battle arena and download your favourite game. We are sure that you would love playing these games and will soon become addicted. We hope this article about the best war games is helpful to you.

Call of Duty is a classic of war games, is on the market for several years, and is successful with its battle royale version (the name given when the game consists of joining a group of players, who stay in the same space in pursuit of the same goal).

PUBG is very famous among fictional war games. The game is set in a post-apocalypse world with settings reminiscent of Vietnam, the former Soviet Union, and Mexico and weapons that were used in World War II and the Afghanistan War.

Crossfire Warzone is a perfect combination of shooting games, simulation, and strategy. You can develop your own base and create an army to defeat terrorists in real-time combat, recapture the cities that have been controlled by them, and stop organic weapons that are a threat to humanity.

Very similar to CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), Standoff 2 is a perfect option for those who are fans of shooting games. The game surprises with its graphics, its fast-paced gameplay, and the richness of details.

The Play Store hosts countless strategy games, from industry titans like Civilization VI to indie hits like Card Thief. Ports of popular PC games often appear in our roundup of the best Android games, but there are still plenty of stunning mobile exclusives. These aren't puzzle games; the strategy games on today's roundup will engage you with challenging tactics, enemies, and missions.

We've rounded up the best strategy games on mobile, from RTS games to card and turn-based titles. An Android tablet is recommended for the full experience, as some games offer UIs that are challenging to view on a smaller screen.

Into the Breach is one of the finest turn-based strategy games available for mobile, but as a Netflix exclusive, you'll need a subscription to play. Our Netflix Games guide will get you up to speed if you're unfamiliar with the service.

Love Civilization VI but want something a little more relaxed? The Battle of Polytopia has you covered. This isometric strategy game might look quaint, but it's got everything the more popular 4X games offer. Once you've picked your tribe, you'll engage in warfare, diplomacy, and espionage to achieve victory. There are three ways to achieve success, and each requires an entirely different strategy.

Total War: Medieval II is one of the finest games in the Total War genre, and its Android port doesn't cut any content from the original game. However, the UI has been completely overhauled for mobile for comfortable play. It takes a little time to get used to controlling massive armies with a touchscreen, but it's intuitive enough that you'll win battles in no time. It's another game that we recommend playing on a tablet.

Northgard follows the 4X formula but is trimmed into a smaller RTS package. You'll grow your economy, research technology, and defeat rivals, but unlike Civilization VI, games of Northgard won't take longer than an hour or two. It's perfect for people who love a complex strategy game but don't have the time to play it over multiple days.

Rusted Warfare is a fully-fledged RTS game on mobile. Inspired by the RTS games of the 90s, Rusted Warfare gives you access to a staggering amount of units to control, from tiny tanks to massive battleships. While the graphics look dated, this is intentional to help evoke the tone of classic RTS games like Total Annihilation.

Out There is one of the best survival games for Android, and now its developers have turned to the strategy genre. Sigma Theory is an espionage game where you'll command a team of agents to harness a world-changing scientific discovery. It's got a distinct XCOM feel, but there are no battles here. Instead, you'll make critical decisions through dialogue trees. Decisions you make early in the game can come back to haunt you, so be mindful of giving a powerful organization the cold shoulder.

Card Thief is the follow-up to Card Crawl, one of the best card games on Android. Card Thief is a solitaire game where you'll attempt to sneak through cards to collect treasure. Equipment cards can help, but traps can reveal you. It's a tense experience condensed into just a few short rounds.

These strategy games are designed to make you think, whether in the fast-paced matches of Rusted Warfare or the methodical gameplay of Card Thief. However, strategy games often skimp out on the narrative, so make sure to try one of the best RPGs for Android if you're craving a good story to keep your attention.

Stick War: Legacy, one of the most popular web games, is now available for Android devices. Play as a national leader and learn how different warriors, archers, sworders, and a lot more. It offers exciting campaigns and levels as you capture and destroy enemy territories. The game is enhanced with high-quality visual graphics and a sophisticated in-game environment. It takes relatively low system resources and runs on almost all capable devices.

PlayStore is filled with battle games with normal shooting action. There are a few strategic shooting games that are worth to be recommended. KIXEYE came up with this new game, War Commander: Rogue Assault. At first glance, this game will just amaze you with its highly optimized strategies and functions.

You can now build a fantasy empire playing War and Order, one of the best war games for Android users. Playing this game is easy at first, but you will find it harder and more addictive as much as you play. The gaming strategy is interesting, and it will never let you get bored.

If first-person shooting games are your thing, then Real Commando Secret Mission will be your new favorite. It provides stunning visual effects and an in-game environment on your Android screen. The game takes average system resources but renders console-like 3D graphics. It is playable in offline mode and offers the best offline-based strategic FPS experience. The game features realistic missions with a ton of weapons.

Increased accessibility of smart devices, especially smartphones, has propelled mobile gaming into the stratosphere. We have fine examples like card games, chess, pool, etc., supporting the statement. They are in a more polished and better-performing form. Androids have seen great success in bringing PC games to the small screen of our phones.

Gaming world is full of different genres, and war games is indeed the most loved one. The popularity of this genre is so high that you can find numerous war game on internte which makes it difficult to find the right ones. In order to help you and save your time, we have rounded up a list of the best war games.

When it comes to the best strategy games, this one is a must try. If you are a war game lover on Android and haven't yet tried this fantastic game, give it a try!! While playing this game, you will be the writer of your own history story, as you may like. You can engage in an endless battle fair and war here. This game's strategies are apparent to understand. Likewise, this game's systems are obvious to understand.

If you enjoy real-time combat games, then you should give them a try. If its reviews are believed, this game should be placed on top in this genre on Android. It is an exciting game with perceivable game tactics. It is an online tank shooter game where gamers manage armored Second World vehicles from different countries and camps.

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