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Should I Buy A Tesla Model S [PORTABLE]

Buyers should know that Tesla will not share service history information with new owners of a used Tesla. That being said, before the seller removes the vehicle from their Tesla account, make sure the seller shares PDF copies of their service records through the Service section in the mobile app.Prior service records are important since there is a 1-year warranty on parts if the seller paid for the service.

should i buy a tesla model s

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Buyers should look for a used Model S built before February 2020. This date is important because up until then Tesla offered a very generous warranty on Tesla S/X high voltage (HV) batteries and drive units that covered 8-years from the date of manufacture and UNLIMITED MILES. This warranty only covered failures, it did not cover degradation. High voltage batteries from Tesla are $14,000 for a remanufactured battery and $22,000 for a new one. Drive units, the motors that spin the wheels, can run anywhere between $5,000-8,000 depending on which drive unit you need. Model S cars built after February 2020 have an 8-year and 150,000 mile warranty and Tesla added "with minimum 70% retention of Battery capacity over the warranty period."

SHOPPER NOTE:At a minimum, look for a Tesla with Autopilot 1, commonly called AP1. Any car newer than 2015 will have some level of Autopilot functionality. If a seller cannot provide service records and the car is out of warranty, buyers should assume nothing has been replaced and potential repairs may be needed soon when negotiating the price. Buyers should be sensitive when asking for service records since they contain the name, address, email, and phone number of the previous owner. If the car is still under warranty, service records may not be as crucial since any repairs will still be covered for free.Unless an owner is selling their Tesla for less than $20k, buy a Tesla that has a portion of the 8-year, unlimited mile warranty left on the drive units and battery. It's a Tesla owner's nightmare to see a message like the one below in the Tesla app. The Tesla in the picture ended up having to get it's battery replaced under warranty.

SHOPPER NOTE:In general, Teslas with ANY Autopilot functionality will hold their value longer than Teslas without Autopilot functionality and the lack of Autopilot should be reflected in the price of the car. While AP1 is older technology, it is still very useful and reliable so if the price is attractive, don't let the older AP1 technology be a deal breaker.Newer versions of Autopilot hardware allow for more advanced functionality so buyers should expect to see those features come with a higher price. The software for AP2 cars also changed and allowed for additional functionality. For several years Tesla sold an Autopilot software packaged called Enhanced Autopilot (EAP). EAP allowed the car to change lanes on it's own during navigation, navigate on Autopilot so the car followed highway interchanges towards a mapped destination, and summon. Available as a software update for cars with AP2+ were two more features called Sentry and Dashcam. These additional security features, require MCU2 to display the videos captured by the cars cameras.

SHOPPER NOTE:If the headlights or tail lights have issues, mention it to the seller. If they can't be covered under warranty, the sales price should reflect some of that replacement cost. Most Tesla owners will have some form of clear bra and a ceramic coating and while these items can add some value to the selling price of the car, the value is usually only maybe an extra $500-$1k.

SHOPPER NOTE:If evidence of a leaky roof is found, inquire about whether or not it can be addressed under the existing warranty. If the vehicle is out of warranty and the roof has been replaced in the past year, Tesla might assist in repairing it since the part may have been installed incorrectly. If the vehicle is out of warranty and there are issues with the sunroof, the selling price should reflect that. Buyers should also note that the water stains are removable with a cotton towel and folex.

SHOPPER NOTE:Shoppers who come across an opportunity to buy a Model S with 1st generation seats for a favorable price, should not let the seats be a deal breaker since the seats can be replaced with 2nd generation seats. The multi-pattern textile interior was the cheapest offering from Tesla so if the seller is comparing the value of their Model S with a similar Model S of equal battery size/motors, the price of the vehicle with the multi-pattern textile should be lower than a similar Model S with leather interior. Again, the 1st generation seats or multi-textile interior seats can be swapped for 2nd generation leather seats. Used front seats are approximately $2k for the pair and used rear seats are roughly $3k.

Buyers should note that the MCU1 can be slow to respond to touch input and often connects via a 3G connection so map imagery will take longer to download and render on the screen. Internally, the memory can also max out and cause the MCU1 unit to become almost unusable.

Are the rims in good condition? If not, that should be reflected in the price of the car. Teslas are notorious for going through rear tires. Usually the inner tread blocks of the rear tires get worn out fast so if the car needs to get new rear tires soon, that should be reflected in the price of the car.

The Model S has been offered with various battery sizes in the past 10 years and time has shown how some batteries age better than others. They came in 40kWh, 60kWh, 70kWh, 75kWh, 85kWh, 90kWh, and 100kWh sizes. Overall, most of the batteries were great but buyers should know a little more about the following batteries.

90kWhThere were two types of 90kWh hour batteries. The original version was offered up until late 2016 and came on Model S cars with the nosecone. The version that came with the nosecone model S had notoriously bad chemistry within the battery pack and owners experienced steep rates of degradation. Unless the car has a significant portion of the 8-year battery and drive unit warranty left, buyers should steer clear of these cars and opt for the 2016+ Model S with the upgraded bumper as those had the revised version of the 90kWh pack with better chemistry and flatter rates of degradation.

SHOPPER NOTE:90%. This is the maximum percentage of charge Tesla owners should be charging their car for day to day driving. Buyers need to remember this when shopping for a Model X because the real world range will be drastically less than the advertised range. This difference could be due to driving behavior, environment factors like wind, inclines, being measured at 100% charge, etc. That being said, buyers should purchase the largest battery they can afford. The 100kWh or Long Range battery is the largest battery pack Tesla offers and is the ideal pack to purchase.

The Tesla Model Y is technically a small sports utility vehicle (SUV), which means it should qualify for the new EV tax credit based on price. For SUVs, the maximum MSRP is $80,000, which the base models and some builds fall nicely under.

If the Tesla hatchback does come to fruition, all signs point to it being a rear-wheel-drive model with at least 250 miles of range. It will probably also use the new 4680 battery cells used in the 2022 Model Y, which should qualify it for at least part of the EV tax credit. Because these batteries are lighter than other batteries offering equivalent power, the fuel efficiency of the hatchback would also be better, allowing for that greater range compared to similarly sized vehicles.

With a likely production timeline of at least three years, those interested in a hatchback EV might want to consider buying a Chevy Bolt in 2023 instead. This could net you the tax credit once the sales cap is lifted on January 1, and you could enjoy years of EV driving before trading your Bolt in for a Tesla should it ever arrive. Under the new rules, you can claim the EV tax credit once for every eligible vehicle.

I live in a cold climate, so LFP is a bit worse for charging, however, the LFP range should not drop much at all over time, and handles charging to 100% without degradation. If I can install a tow hitch, I think it could actually work as our only vehicle, for a while.

There's a delay in delivery times for the Model 3 SR+. This is August 2021. Delivery dates are some time in 2022. If you're buying one of the more expensive models or one of the bigger battery sizes, you can take delivery sooner, but the Model 3 SR+ might be the one you want. It's the one I bought. I knew that road trips would take a bit longer with the shorter-range battery since I'd have to pull off the road to charge more often. So far, I haven't had the opportunity to take a multi-day road trip. There's a pandemic after all. But I knew that would eventually become an issue. I really like road trips. But I have to say, even when I took lots of road trips, most of my driving was local.

Now that Tesla is experiencing the same production delays as are all the other auto manufacturers, they're giving their shorter delivery dates to buyers of the more expensive, read higher profit, models. But they're making an exception and giving shorter delivery dates if you buy a Tesla with an LFP battery rather than an NCA battery.

So what's the difference? Both batteries are actually lithium-ion batteries. They both use lithium. So that's not a difference. But the NCA battery uses nickel, cobalt, and aluminum in addition to lithium. The LFP battery uses Iron and Phosphate (phosphorus combined with oxygen) in addition to lithium. The main differences for you to consider are that the LFP battery has a slightly shorter range, 253 miles, as opposed to the NCA battery, 263 miles. But that slight difference in range is deceptive. The NCA battery probably shouldn't be charged to 100%. Fully charging the battery causes damage to the battery making it likely to deteriorate over the years of ownership. It's perfectly fine to charge the LFP battery to 100% so the driver experience is pretty much the same except for a couple caveats. 041b061a72

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