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Download Urban Legends - Survival APK and Face the Living Folklore of Nepal

Urban Legends - Survival is a free horror/survival game developed by Ashim Shakya for Android devices. The game is set in the medieval era of Kathmandu valley, where you must survive encountering various urban legends through a glitch in the matrix. Your objective is to remain undetected and trigger certain tasks to wake up and continue with your normal life simulation.

urban legends survival apk download

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How long can you Survive ?'Urban Legends : Survival', is a horror / survival game developed individually by Ashim Shakya. It features a medieval era of Kathmandu valley where you are bound to encounter various urban legends through a glitch in the matrix. You must survive, remain undetected and trigger certain objectives to wake up and continue your present normal life simulation.Torch all the ashes located in key locations to discover a portal that takes you back to your comforting reality. Touch an urban evil, and your soul quenches out of its body, your loved ones back home might never witness you waking up again..

Bigfoot is a cryptid, or mysterious creature that has been the subject of numerous urban legends and folktales. It is said to be a giant humanoid creature with a large head, a long neck, and a massive body. It is usually described as having a large head and a small body, with a massive chest and a skinny neck. It is often said to be a giant man, although it can also be a giant woman. It is known for having a very large and powerful voice. It is also known for having special powers, such as the ability to climb trees and rocks, as well as the power to heal wounds and restore the dead.

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