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Cocktail 2015 Full Movie Torrent Download ((HOT))

The stage curtains open ..."Cocktail", despite being cringeworthy in parts, is a guilty pleasure of mine and a film I have enjoyed watching from time to time over the years. It came out at a good time in my life, so just the very thought of the movie will bring a smile to my face as it takes me to a good place with great memories. It is also highlighted by a fun soundtrack with "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys leading the way.Young Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) returns home from the military with big dreams and aspirations of making it big, getting rich quick. So, he strikes out on the streets of New York to find employment, only to be turned away at every point. He finds his way into a bar and meets the man who will change his life, Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown). They become fast friends and rise quickly in the nightlife scene until a girl comes between them. Brian goes to Jamaica where he meets Jordan Mooney (Elisabeth Shue) - the girl who will also change his life. Things are going great until Doug shows up again.Yes ... the acting in this one is pretty pitiful. Tom Cruise is so full of himself in this movie that even his laughs seem fake (part of that cringeworthy factor). The relationship between Brian and Jordan is almost believable. What really shines in this movie though, is the chemistry and the relationship between Brian and Doug. This is where the movie succeeds. I love the back and forth banter between these two.I know this movie bombed with critics and moviegoers alike, but as I mentioned, I like it. Watching them toss and flip bottles to the sounds of 80's music with a heavy dose of early Tom Cruise flair and a fun story - this one is a recommend at 7 stars out of 10. I still watch it today and smile just as much each time. Besides, it has one of the best poems ever filmed.

Cocktail 2015 full movie torrent download



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